ABOUT Cloud Nine 



The Cloud Nine ESL Program is a comprehensive, digitally based ESL study program designed meet the needs of the modern English language learner in a classroom environment.

With the Cloud Nine Program, there are no more out of date books to pack around and no loose sheets of paper to keep track of. Students and teachers trade in their textbooks for tablets and photocopying for instructional videos and internet links.

Users are provided access to 31,000 pages of content that includes, instructional videos search functions and embedded links to active URL sites. All you need is a device, an internet connection, and a desire to learn English.

Instructors are provided a series of integrated and detailed lesson plans that assist them to guide their student’s linguistic development. The Cloud Nine ESL Program is based on the Common European Framework of Reference which is (in our view) the highest international standard for linguistic development.


The Mission of Cloud Nine Education Group is to work with students to help identify, pursue and achieve their individual learning outcomes in English language acquisition. To support students in achieving their objectives, the Company is committed to hiring qualified ESL instructors and to ensure students have place to learn that is safe, has well defined, progressive curriculum and is an enjoyable place to study.


Today, more than 1.5 billion people around the world are learning English each year. Yet despite the many technological developments that have taken place over the past decade, more than 90% of these same learners are still studying ESL through out of date, textbook based programs.

Cloud Nine Education Group has positioned itself to exploit this deficiency by combining effective teaching pedagogy with proven education related technologies to achieve superior outcomes in language acquisition. Our first step in this process is the development of the Cloud Nine ESL Program which replaces textbooks with tablets & smart phones as we meet the needs of an increasingly mobile student base. The Company has also acquired a 100% interest in an accredited ESL school located in the heart of downtown Vancouver call Cloud Nine College.

Our corporate objective to provide meaningful and engaging curriculum content for students, support for teachers using our curriculum and financial benefits for our investors. We invite you to learn more about Cloud Nine Education Group and the vast economic potential that exists around the worldwide ESL industry.