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Cloud Nine’s Digital Curriculum and Google Classroom

Cloud Nine’s digital curriculum is built to be used in conjunctions with the Google Classroom product developed by Google. Google Classroom is part of the Google For Education suite that includes Gmail, Drive, Hangouts, Sites, Slides, Forms, Sheets, Docs, Vault, and Calendar. Cloud Nine’s curriculum makes good use of Google’s proven technological infrastructure and interconnectivity that provides teachers a top rate education solution.

Google Classroom streamlines assignments, boosts collaboration, and fosters seamless communication to make teaching more productive and meaningful. The combination of Cloud Nine’s digital ESL curriculum and Google Classroom is easy to use, versatile and impactful. Teachers and students can work anywhere, anytime and on any device and educators can provide instant feedback and track a student’s progress to improve performance and better manage classroom time for superior learning outcomes.

Cloud Nine’s digital ESL curriculum for teachers is a comprehensive tool to teach many levels of English. It can be used standalone or in conjunction with other materials a teacher may have. The Google For Education suite provides an environment enabling a teacher to add documents, audio/video files, forms and other learning materials.