Transform Your Classroom with Cloud Nine’s Cloud-Based Digital ESL Curriculum and Google Classroom For Teachers

Cloud Nine’s digital ESL curriculum is used by teachers to teach English at all levels – from beginners to advanced, using the international standard Common European Frame Work of Reference (CEFR) guideline for teaching a language. The CEFR and Cloud Nine levels are described under the LEVELS tab from the HOME page.

Each lesson is preceded with a comprehensive lesson plan based on CELTA methodologies, making it easy to prepare for classes. This provides a platform that enables consistent, high quality teaching for the school and all the teachers, whether new to ESL teaching or TESOL/CELTA trained.

Google Classroom

Cloud Nine’s comprehensive digital curriculum
is fully supported by Google Classroom and accessed
through the cloud. It is easy to use and versatile,
providing award winning class organization,
communications and collaboration between
teachers and students.

International Standards

Curriculum based on the CEFR international standard for learning a language, from beginners to advanced – levels A1, A2, B1, B2 and C1. Each level contains 8 Modules, and each Module contains 3 thematically linked lessons. See product tab to see level descriptions and how the curriculum fits into various testing programs.

Comprehensive Lesson Plans

Provide consistent, high quality teaching from all teachers as each lesson contains a comprehensive lesson plan that is based on proven teaching methodologies (CELTA). This enables new, TESOL trained and CELTA trained teachers to readily start teaching beginners to advanced ESL classes. Our platform flexibility allows teachers to easily add any of their own content.


Cloud Nine uses flipped classroom methodologies where students watch videos, etc. to preview language before class at their own time and pace. A short, self-correcting quiz is provided at the end of the assignment, and results are immediately analyzed and provided to the teacher. Teachers use this information to better manage classes.

Digital ESL Curriculum Built
by Teachers for Teachers

Anna Zhao – Head of Digital Curriculum Development

Anna has over 12 years of experience in ESL teaching, curriculum development and teacher training. She has a Masters in Education Degree in Adult Learning and Education and earned her Trinity Diploma in TESOL. Anna is also a certified CELTA trainer and spent 2 year tutoring CELTA courses in Vancouver, Canada. For the past 2 years Anna has specialized in IELTS teaching. Before moving to Canada, Anna worked as the regional teacher trainer for 8 years in a prestigious private ESL institution in China